About Us

I am excited that you chose to learn more about Beauty Powerhouse. I am dedicated to empowering women and encouraging them to see the beauty within themselves. I graduated from Pivot Point International Academy, one of the most elite programs in the nation, because I want to make sure that I am well-equipped to serve anyone. I specialize in growing healthy hair, installing extensions using the most innovative techniques, and creating fabulous custom hair color is the reason that clients come to her to get that one of a kind look.

I have a talent for listening and capturing a client’s personality and lifestyle that I hope leaves each client feeling special because they are all truly special to me. As a stylist at MJ2 Hair & Nail Boutique as well as several retirement communities in the Chicagoland area, I learned the skills and experience needed to work with clients in all phases of life. Because continuing education is crucial in the beauty industry and I continue to advance my skill set through training. This helps me keep up with the latest trends and techniques so you can be sure that you are receiving the best treatment.

Years ago, I developed a passion to serve the people beyond my clientele. I became an educator for Design Essentials to share my knowledge with other up and coming stylists. By far, my greatest contribution to the beauty community is hosting events at women’s shelters and programs for teens because beauty, inside and out, should have nothing to do with a dollar amount. As a Beauty Powerhouse, I want to make everyone’s beauty outstanding.