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‘Article 13 as written threatens to seal down the ability of countless people from creators like you to everyday users to upload content to platforms like YouTube. And it concerts near ne threatens to block users within the EU from viewing content that is certainly already survive the channels of creators everywhere. This includes YouTube’s incredible video library of educational content, like language classes, physics tutorials and other how-to’s.’

*Travel expenses: It has also been commented that venues should be investing in travel. The deals my US agent (AM Only) works on personally are all-in deals. They do not include flight shares. This is not the case for me worldwide (in Aus and NZ travel is obviously added together with the fee), but I wished to work with a REAL tour to highlight the specific situation.

THere is only a $2k difference between just what the artist gets when the $10k is removed the superior vs. what she gets if the expense is charged entirely contrary to the artist. Because the artist still will pay for 80% from the expense in the event the expense comes off the most notable . If you re hunting for a way to increase the risk for production company look demonic, this isn’t the way.

It s bad enough that individuals must see the same Dre article every 48 hrs, but it s profoundly absurd that you just aren t even writing anything anymore at this point. It s one or two sentences having a link to an any of the 40 articles (which can be also one or two sentences using a link or two plus a screen cap) as well as perhaps a photo.

Dave Hansen, Merlin’s chairman and a longtime an affiliate the Wisconsin Senate, released an announcement thanking Caldas for his effort as CEO. Caldas hasn’t spoken of his post-2019 professional plans, but Hansen was hopeful that Caldas will work inside the independent music business, where he has lots of experience with an impeccable reputation.