Anatomy of the Perfect Essay Paragraph Structure

Anatomy of the Perfect Essay Paragraph Structure

You’ve done most of the leg work—identified your topic, crafted the most wonderful thesis statement, researched in great amounts, and prepared your outline. So now you sit staring at a screen that is blank to put all of it together.

Perchance you’ve already written an introduction, maybe not. Either way, diving into your body paragraphs, crafting the perfect paragraph structures, is next from the agenda.

You could be wishing for only a little paragraph that is pink-winged to wave his magic wand and transform your outline into beautifully constructed paragraphs…

I experienced to handle that reality that is hard too, when writing this blog post. Nonetheless it’s OK. Writing paragraphs that are strong good structures is an ongoing process you can easily tackle. I promise.

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The key is in using “evidence” to support most of your ideas and package all of it in a fail-safe structure. Continue reading “Anatomy of the Perfect Essay Paragraph Structure”